Sweet and Savory Honey Mustard Pork Tenderloin

I love mustard, but most of my family doesn’t; therefor I have learned that if I add sweetness (honey) and great herbs they are all happy.  So needless to say this recipe is happiness, lol.


2 1 lb. Pork Tenderloins

Garlic Salt

Dried Dill


1/4 C Brown Sugar

2 T Olive Oil

2 T Dijon Mustard

1 T Honey

1 T Spicy Mustard

1 T Minced Fresh Garlic

1/4 tsp. Dried Thyme

1/4 tsp. Dried Ground Sage


-Mix all sauce ingredients together, set aside.

-Sprinkle pork with garlic salt and dill.  Place in grease 13X9 inch glass baking dish.

-Bake 12 minutes at 450 degrees.  Brush half of sauce on pork, reduce temperature to 400 degrees.  Bake and additional 15-20 minutes (internal temper should be between 150-160 degrees), brush remaining sauce on the last 7 minutes of baking.

-Remove from oven and place on cutting board (don’t use plastic, it may melt), cover in foil and allow to rest for 10-12 minutes prior to cutting.  Cut and serve.  Enjoy!


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