Easy Steamed Broccoli

I cant always prepare every part of a meal in a flash, but broccoli I can.  I know many are against microwaving, so sorry if you are one of those people, but in less than 10 minutes you can have great steamed broccoli.


2 Heads Broccoli, florets removed

1/4 C Water

Saran Wrap

2-3 T Sweet Cream Butter

Lemon Pepper

Dried Dill

Garlic Salt


-Place florets in microwave safe bowl, pour in water, cover in saran wrap.

-Microwave high heat 7-10 minutes (time depends on microwave and its power).  Remove from microwave, pour off water.

-Add in butter, stir until melted.  Add in spices per your taste.  Enjoy!


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