Greek Yogurt Shells and Cheese

This was a literal whim recipe, I desperately love to create new pasta and cheese recipes.  The issue is there are tons out there, so I always strive to do something new for everyone to see and enjoy.  This recipe is a bit on the strange side, as in its nothing like the classic recipes we have all seen and tried.


1lb. Shell Pasta

4 C Fresh Spinach Leaves, stems removed

1 C Cooked Pasta Water

1 C Plain Greek Yogurt

2 C Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 C Shredded Mozzarella

1 C Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese

1/2 tsp. Granulated Garlic

1/2 tsp. Onion Powder

Dash Cumin

Dash Nutmeg

Salt and Pepper to taste


-Cook pasta per package directions.  Place spinach in bottom of strainer, strain cooked pasta over spinach, remember to reserve the water (this will replace the classic milk). I lightly coated pasta and spinach in Italian dressing, but this is not a necessity.

-Pour water into medium pot over medium heat, whisk in yogurt and seasonings.  Slowly add in cheese a little at a time, allowing the previous amount to slightly melt before adding more.  Do this until all cheese has been added.  Stir often to prevent scorching in sticking until all cheese in melted and blended well.

-Pour pasta and spinach into cheese sauce.  Enjoy!


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