BBQ Pork Country Style Ribs

I love country style ribs, I hate the work of doing baby back ribs without a lot of meat.  I have been perfecting this recipe since college, so I think its safe to say that this recipe is post worthy.  I will say that the finish product of these ribs is worthy of the title the steak of ribs, lol, at least that’s what my husband refers to these as.  I had to find a recipe that I truly loved, so many people in the south like to smoke their pork, but I hate smoked meat, so this is the winner for my family and myself.



6-7 lb. Pork Country Style Ribs

1/3 C Italian Dressing

1/4 C White Wine Worcestershire Sauce

2 T Worcestershire Sauce

Dry Rub

4 C BBQ Sauce

2 T Butter


-Place ribs in large pot, cover in water, add salt to water.  Bring pot to low boil, and boil ribs for 15 minutes.  Remove from pot and allow to drain.

-Combine the Italian dressing and both Worcestershire sauces together.  Place ribs in baking dish, pour marinade over.  Cover with foil, and refrigerate over night (I have let this sit for 2 days without issue).

-Drain ribs, and rub them down evenly with rub.  Place back in fridge over night.

-Remove from fridge at least 30 minutes prior to grilling.  In small pot combine 1 C BBQ Sauce and 2 T Butter.  Grill ribs over medium heat for 15 minutes. Brush with bbq and butter sauce the last 5 minutes.

-Foil line baking dish pour 1 1/2 C BBQ Sauce in bottom of dish, place ribs in dish, cover with remaining BBQ Sauce.  Bake 30 degrees for 30 minutes.  ENJOY!


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