Cat Litter Cake

I made this for our Halloween party this year, it was a hit with not only the kids but also the adults.  This is tasty no matter how gross it appears.



1 Box Devils Food Cake

1 Box Vanilla Cake

1 Package Golden Oreos

2 5.1 oz. Boxes Vanilla Pudding

Green Food Coloring

10-20 Tootsie Rolls (amount depends on size)

Clean Cat Litter Scoop

Clean Litter Box


-Make both cakes per package directions, I made mine in a 13X9 inch baking sheet.  Cool completely, cut into small cubes.  Place in bottom of litter box.

-In food processor crush cookies.  Remove 1/3 C of crumbs, place rest in pan with cake, mix.

-Prepare pudding per directions, pour into cake and cookie mixture, mix.

-Microwave half of tootsie rolls, stretch into desired shape. And place into mixture.

-Add green food coloring to 1/3 C Crumbs. Dust top of cake mixture with colored crumbs.

-Decorate top with remaining tootsie rolls.  Use scoop to serve.  Enjoy!


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