Candied Jalapenos

Don’t let this name confuse you, no they aren’t candy, but they are sweet so the name still fits.  My family ( well all but 2 tiny humans) love spicy.  I had a ton of jalapenos and decided to do something different.  I must admit these are great, whether on top of cream cheese and crackers or on top of burgers or a sandwich.


Makes 1 Pint.


1.5 lb. Fresh Jalapenos

1 C Cider Vinegar

3 C Sugar

1 tsp. Salt

3/4 tsp. Dried Chopped Garlic

1/4 tsp. Celery Seed

1/4 tsp. Turmeric


-Cut tops off of all jalapenos, slice about 1/8-1/4 inch thick.

-Combine all ingredients except jalapeños in pot over medium heat.  Bring mixture to boil, stirring to dissolve sugar.  Once starts to boil, reduce to simmer and continue cooking 5 minutes.

-Add in jalapenos, bring back to simmer, simmer 5 minutes.

-Using slotted spoon, remove jalapenos from pot and place into glass jar.  Ladle in syrup until jalapenos are covered.  Place lid on top.  Good in refrigerator for a couple months.  Enjoy!

*I strain all seeds from leftover broth and use as marinade for meat, as long as you like some spice its great.


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