Cheerwine Sangria

Let me start off saying, I understand that Cheerwine isn’t a well known soft drink everywhere.  I live in the southern US, so I can find it in just about every store.  I can not vouch if this recipe will work with other sodas, since Cheerwine is a flavor all its own.  Its a cherry flavored soda, but not like Cherry Coke or even Pepsi.



1 Big Bottle Red Wine (you’re going to want a fruity and not floral flavor, preferable a Spanish Wine)

2/3 C Triple Sec Liqueur

1/3 C Brandy

3/4 C Frozen Peaches

1/2 C Frozen Cherries

1/3 C Frozen Mango

1 Lemon, sliced thin

1 Lime, sliced thin

1 2L Cheerwine Soda


-Combine all ingredients in pitcher, except soda.  Allow to sit in fridge overnight.

-You can stir sangria and pour entire bottle into pitcher, or you can pour into each glass.  I have never done the later, since we make it for parties, and its easier to have it all combined.  Enjoy responsibly!


Please note that frozen fruit is best, you are going to want the juice, and frozen allows this the best.  Can garnish with frozen fruit as ice cubes.





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