Grape Jam

Most people only know of grape jelly, but I’m not a fan of jelly, I much prefer jam.  Try out this recipe.



1 Quart Fresh Red Grapes

3 C Sugar


-Remove skins from grapes (I suggest placing them in a food processer and chopping them some). Place skins in small saucepot, add just enough water to cover. Cook about 15 minutes on medium/low.

-Place grape pulp, in another saucepan, cook until soft.  Place through sieve to remove seeds.

-Combine sieved pulp, cooked skins and sugar in pot.  Slowly bring to boil, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves.  Increase temperature and continue to cook until mixture becomes almost like jelly.

-Place into hot, clean jars.  Can for about 12 minutes, or place cooled jar and product into freezer.  Good 3-6 months. Enjoy!


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