Too Many August Birthdays

birthday cake collage

Our family has 5 birthdays in the month of August, so this year we decided to have just one major blowout for everyone.  It was my youngest son’s 1st Birthday and my oldest son’s 4th Birthday so we had to ensure that it was still kid friendly.  Of course the baby had his smash cake, which in our family is always a giant cupcake.  He loved the frosting, but I must admit I was a little upset that he didn’t destroy it the way some of his brothers have in the past.


We opted to buy a gluten free cake(since we had so many people with gluten sensitivity issues) from a local bakery, and I must say it was the best GF cake I have ever eaten.  We topped it with homemade whipped topping.  Since there were five people being celebrated we all agreed to just buy something that symbolized the person rather than putting their name on the cake.

As you can see it was a bit of a plethora of decoration on the cake.  We did the usual hamburgers and hotdogs, and everyone brought a side of their choice.  Needless to say everyone was so full from the food that they could barely consume the cake (I still have some in my fridge lol).

In my opinion having a get together full of friends and family is the best way to celebrate the birth of anyone.  My kiddos had so much fun that they crashed hard that night and slept in the next morning.  They received some amazing gifts including a rabbit, which they are enamored by.  Now if we can just teach the dog that he’s not a toy life would be perfect.DSCN3932DSCN3946DSCN3960



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