Fair Style Boiled Peanuts

I understand that not everyone loves, or even likes boiled peanuts; but my family can literally inhale them.  Its a southern thing for sure, but now everyone can make them whenever they want them.




1.5-3 lbs. Raw Peanuts (can be found in produce section of most grocery stores)

1/2-3/4 C Salt (per 1.5lb.  and amount depends on how salty you like yours)


Tabasco Sauce or Cayenne Pepper (optional)


-Place peanuts in large stock pot, add in salt and hot sauce if desired, and just enough water to cover peanuts.

-Bring to hard boil for 2 hours, reduce heat and low boil another 2 hours.  Reduce heat again to low and allow to simmer 2-4 hours.

-I find the best ones are made in the crockpot, high 2 hours, low 2 hours, allow to sit on warm over night.

Best served warm.

-Place peanuts and some brine in airtight container in refrigerator, good about 1 week.  Can place in freezer bag and freeze.

-If you find that your peanuts are too salty, drain the brine off, add fresh water, bring to boil, and allow to sit.  This will ease the saltiness without the lose of flavor.


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