Chicken Nuggets




3-5 lbs. Chicken Thighs, bone and skin removed, cut into small bites

3C Corn Flakes ( put through a food processor)*

3C Cheese Crackers ( put through food processor)*

4-6 Eggs

1/8-1/4 C a Buttermilk (milk is fine to use)


Italian Dressing, BBQ Sauce, Yellow Mustard


  1. Mix all dry ingredients together, set bowl aside.

  2. Mix all wet ingredients ( I used bbq and yellow mustard, as little or as much as you wish), set aside.

  3. Take cut up chicken and place into egg wash.  I use a slotted spoon to remove and place into dry mixture.  Coat in dry mixture, and place in baking rack lined pan.  Bake 425 degrees for about 15 minute.

*You want roughly 3 C once processed


***These can be frozen for future use, that’s how I make me.  I place them in a parchment lined pan ( once cooled a bit) and place pan in freezer til edges are frozen ( this keeps them from stricken together), and place them in freezer bag.  I’ve never had them not be used in more than three months, so I don’t know if they will last longer or not.


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