My Kiddos Finally Ate Without Complaint

This was a rare night in my house.  I made dinner and served it to the kiddos; and without any complaint they ate every bite.  It’s usually the side or the meat that they will say they aren’t going to eat ,but apparently pork tenderloin and cheesy, spinach quinoa was a hit in our house.  Since there was no fight, I finally made dessert….I never make it because usually the monsters refuse to eat and I am not one to reward negative behavior.  Creepy Crust Cobbler was made, takes longer to cook than to make so needless to say I had no problem finding the time or energy.  More good news is that I tried a new fruit to use in the cobbler, never did it before, and I do believe it’s the new family favorite.  Didn’t have fresh fruit to cook down, bit had s can of Berry Medley made by Comstock…try it it was delicious.


Recipe for Creepy Crust Cobbler can be found here:

If anyone tries a different variation of the recipe please let me know.  Been making it for years and everyone loves it.  Great ending to a good day and even better with ice cream on top, lol.





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