Sending them to their room is not always the answer

So my oldest two have been total monsters today.  Once T-man got up from his nap, he and CanonBall have been balls to the walls.  It starts while I’m starting to prep dinner by not only ripping pages out of books but then pulling the leaves off my my hibiscus plant.  So I send them to their room, telling the, they can come out when I say….5 minutes later I go to release the kracken….and I see this




They decided that all of CanonBalls clothing needed to be not in the drawers but all over the floor, and that his been needed to be stripped and placed on the floor as well.

Then they decided to not listen and let me make dinner; this is nothing new but the way they went about it was something new to me.  They both stripped naked no diapers and decided to run around…well seeing as how neither like the bathroom this is a no-go in our house.  I re-diaper them and go on.  Then they decide that my kitchen drawers need a good cleaning out.  I yet again send them to their room and discover that their diapers now need floor space as well.










Moral to this story, sending them to their room is not always the good answer, and don’t have kids….dogs are easier to train…lol.










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