My Kiddos Love Bread Apparently


So I have been making my white bread recipe for about 2 years now. Yes literally, haven’t bought bread in that amount of time. My oldest kiddos is a bread machine, that kid can eat it as fast as you can give it to him(nothing on it, just bread).
I make a 2 loaves of bread earlier today , if you check the picture from the bread recipe post you can see that part of the top was missing. Well needless to say while I have it continuing to cool while making dinner, my two oldest minions decided that they dint want dinner and didn’t want to wait for the bread to fully cool. As you can see in the post this is the mess that my kiddos make on homemade bread. This is a mommy rant moment. I swear to look at how my kiddos destroy food, one may think that they never actually eat.


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