Homemade Winshield Washer Fluid

Gallon Jug (I use an old washer container and just reuse it)
Gallon of water
1 T Dish Soap (I use Sun Dish Soap, cheaper works just fine)
1/2C Ammonia (can use white vinegar if you wish instead)
1/2-1 C Rubbing Alcohol (for winter months,not necessary in warmer months)
Few drops blue food coloring (don’t have to, but for safety it may be a good idea)

Add all ingredients (but soap and water), then add water and top of with soap. Shake bottle to combine all ingredients. Allow suds to settle before pouring into car.

*The amount of alcohol needed may vary depending on what type of climate you have. You can mix washer fluid and sit outside, if it is slushie or frozen increase amount of alcohol.


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