Cereal Incident of 2015

So my two oldest kiddos wanted cereal for breakfast, no problem.  Give them each a bowl of cereal, step outside assuming that all was good to go.  Come back in a few minutes later to this….image

This is not normal for my kids, I think they live for cereal and therefor never waste it.  But the biggest problem is that not only did they break into the pantry and dump an almost full box on to the floor, but they chose to dump the expensive gluten free cereal.  Plus they decided that the cereal was not good just being dumped in the floor, they decided that they needed to crush it into floor as well.  Needless to say this momma wasn’t happy and my two learned a quick lesson on how to clean up messes they make.  We shall see what happens when I tell them there is no more cereal until someone goes to the store.  Maybe they will learn not to waste food that they like, doubt it but one can wish for just such a thing.



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